Republican majority in AR Senate = Democrat Chair of the most powerful committee.


Republican majority in Senate = Democrat Chair of the most powerful committee.

1-1-3What the Senate Rule says about selection of the Chair of the Joint Budget Committee:

“The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Senate Joint Budget Committee shall be selected by the members of the Senate Joint Budget Committee.” — Senate Rule 7.02 (f) of 2013

Pressures on the rule:

Despite a sizable majority for Republicans in the Senate, [Jonathan] Dismang said he’s hoping current Joint Budget Committee chairman Larry Teague (D-Nashville) will continue in his fiscal oversight role.
“Sen. Teague has done a great job for Sen. Lamoureux in this current session. We haven’t visited yet on what he would like to do moving forward, but that would probably be one of the more prominent positions that we’d have some influence on,” Dismang said. —, March 23, 2014

[Jonathan] Dismang said [Gary] Stubblefield a day earlier had objected to his support for keeping Democratic Sen. Larry Teague as co-chairman of the Joint Budget Committee. – Arkansas Democrat Gazette,November 7, 2014

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  1. We the People of Arkansas did not walk, call, & vote for democrats to remain in charge. We need conservatives chairing these committees so that real reform can take place in this state. This is why we need conservatives to show up at County Committee meetings and continue to contact legislators on all levels of government.

    • As Kenny mentions, the Arkansas Republican party is in great need of principled conservatives, and “showing up at County Committee meetings” is an excellent way for us to Get This Party Started in the right direction.

      After all, the ARGOP County Chairs association passed an anti-Private Option resolution, the 2nd District Convention passed one (despite the chair being pro-PO), and the statewide GOP convention passed it, also.

      Obviously, we have a great opportunity to join with the state GOP members (who feel just as we do about Prrivate Option) and run with it. Getting into their party sandbox will make it more difficult for those few pro-PO “Republicans” to derail the clearly expressed will of the voters.

  2. Jacque Martin // November 11, 2014 at 7:31 pm //

    Dismang needs to wake up and smell the coffe before it boils over into his lap. It’s a new day in Arkansas. Conservatives won, his side lost! The people of Arkansas spoke loud and clear last Tuesday. We’re NOT going to put up with these shanagins any longer!

  3. Ron Bartels // November 11, 2014 at 10:23 pm //

    Jonathan Dismang, on his website, says the following: “Too often, our state legislators lose sight of what should be their primary focus – to serve the people that elected them.

    I am committed to putting you above politics and providing you with the strong, conservative voice that you deserve.”

    If he stands against the people, on behalf of his campaign contributors, (see campaign disclosure statements filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission) then what he said, was not what he meant.

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