Private Option = Abortion Services

second-trimester-ultrasound-sam-pullaraArkansas legislators fought hard for Pro-Life legislation during the 2013 legislative session.

It is hard to believe but they let  part of their good work be negated when the legislature passed the Private Option, sponsored by Representative John Burris (HB1143) and Senator Jonathan Dismang (SB1020).  The Private Option pays for abortion services and the services are now available to thousands of Private Option enrollees.

Remember how hard Hobby Lobby fought against abortion inducing drugs in Obamacare?  Well those same abortion inducing drugs and other abortion services are covered in the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion, which in Arkansas is called the “Private Option”.  In other words the supporters of the private option made abortion services available to more people using your state and federal taxes.  Again – Arkansas didn’t have to pass the Private Option.

Arkansas acknowledged that there would be abortion services in its 1115 Waiver application seeking federal approval for the private option.  


Comment: One commenter expressed concern that the Demonstration (Note: “Demonstration” means the Private Option) will cover contraception and sterilization, as well as abortion services in some circumstances.

Response: The benefits covered through the Demonstration comply with federal requirements. Contraception, sterilization, and abortion services in some limited circumstances are Essential Health Benefits, and therefore, they must be covered by the Alternative Benefit Plan. We note that abortions are covered by the Alternative Benefit Plan only if:

1. they are at the direction of a physician;
2. they are performed in an in-patient hospital or outpatient hospital setting; and
3. circumstances comply with the Hyde Amendment, i.e., specifically in cases where the life of the mother is endangered or where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.


Although abortion is limited, abortion inducing drugs is not.  This is what Hobby Lobby fought.

While much has been said of the Pro Life bills passed by the legislature, very little has been said about the availability of abortion services now available to thousands under the Private Option – BECAUSE of the Private Option bills sponsored by Rep John Burris and Senator Jonathan Dismang.

For further explanation, please read the second part of this article “Private Option – Does Life Begin At Conception?”  [Continue Reading Here]