Former Senator Jon Woods … GUILTY


Thursday 5/3/2018 – ConduitNews reports former state Senator Jon Woods of Springdale has been found guilty on 15 of 17 charges.  In return for kickbacks, Woods directed state General Improvement Funds to Ecclesia College.

Also found guilty in the scheme was Randell Shelton Jr. who acted as a middle man. Randell Shelton was found guilty on 12 of 15 charges.

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Previously, former state Representative Micah Neal and Oren Paris former president of Ecclesia College entered guilty pleas in the same bribery scheme.

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Monday, in an unrelated bribery scheme, former Senator Henry “Hank” Wilkins IV, pled guilty of taking more than $80,000 in bribes while he was a legislator. Wilkins is a former state Senator, state Representative, and Jefferson County Judge.