Exercising Power Without Principles: Rep. Jon Eubanks & Rep Jeff Wardlaw

While some state legislators are passionately pleading with voters not to pass Issue #3 for stronger term limits, some of their colleagues are undermining their case. Consider Representative Jon Eubanks, R-Paris and Representatives Jeff Wardlaw, R-Hermitage, who are trying to make themselves poster children for why we need stronger term limits.

The University of Arkansas didn’t hire the person Eubanks wanted so he got Wardlaw to use his status as a member of a legislative committee reviewing state agency contracts to hold up twenty projects of the University of Arkansas.

After the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville didn’t hire his favored candidate for a job, a state lawmaker secured a legislative panel’s delay in considering 20 proposed contracts and construction projects at colleges in the University of Arkansas System.

In recent interviews, state Rep. Jon Eubanks, R-Paris, said he asked the Legislative Council’s Review Subcommittee co-chairman, Rep. Jeff Wardlaw, R-Hermitage, to have the committee “hold” onto the proposals during the panel’s July 18 meeting because he wanted to express his concerns about the direction of the Arkansas Leadership Academy to UA System Vice President of University Relations Melissa Rust. The academy is on the UA campus in Fayetteville.

Legislator stalls 20 UA colleges projects” – Democrat-Gazette 8/19/2018