Congressman Tim Griffin on the Private Option

US Rep Tim Griffin (member of powerful US House Ways and Means Committee and 2014 candidate for AR Lieutenant Governor) states his Serious Concerns ending in a thoughtful “NO” to the PO on February 18, 2014– YouTube

Summary of Tim’s concerns:


  • Medicaid going broke on federal level and this is expansion of an already broken system
  • No dedicated funding stream
  • Argument that “If we do not take this money, it will go to other states– is not true.”
  • Irresponsible to say, “We do not care how we pay for it.”


  • Medicaid (traditional) is vital for lots of folks, and it is going bankrupt
  • Current recipients are not getting good care
  • Need a comprehensive change to Medicaid (PO not it)
  • If the Private Option saves money, why not first try it for traditional Medicaid first and see how that works.
  • Not reasonable to claim it is innovative (though it may be) but only allowed to be used by Feds because it actually expands what the President wants….
  • All goes back to the funding stream (no new one to support this)


  • State Leaders need to be frank and honest—what happens when Federal dollars end?
    • Raise taxes in Arkansas
    • Savings pay for it
      • That never happens
  • Just end the Program
    • Not reasonable because even in this short time, not many consider that an option
    • Many hospitals think they are facing cuts and this is a workable solution, but not, because:
      • Feds will cut Medicare to pay for Medicaid
      • Will rob Peter to pay Paul
      • End of the day, there are a limited source of funds.

Summary:  Tim needs satisfactory answers to these concerns and to date, as a Federal representative and on the state level, he has not  heard satisfactory answers which would allow him to support the Private Option.  Therefore, he has serious concerns over the Private Option and he must give a thoughtful “No”—when asked whether he supports it.


Remember that US Rep Rick Crawford and US Rep Tim Griffin weighted in on the issue April 12, 2013.

Worth noting is how much both, especially US Rep Rick Crawford, knew about this –which was ignored by our state leadership then and now has proven true:

April 12, 2013
By Talk Business