Conduit Quiz: Ballot Issue 5 Minimum Wage

Last Week, Conduit News Radio host Paul Harrell broke down the five ballot issues that will appear on the 2018 November ballot. You can watch a video of that below.

Beginning this week Conduit for Action will issue quizzes leading up to the November 6, 2018 election that will highlight each of the five ballot issues. These quizzes will educate on the specifics of the ballot measure and its potential impact for the state.

Legal actions are pending against each of the ballot issues, so some issues may or may not ultimately be voted on by the people this fall.

This week’s quiz is on Issue 5, a proposal to raise the minimum wage. Issue 5 is a proposed Initiated Act, which means it is a regular statute rather than a constitutional amendment. The other four issues that may be on the ballot are all proposed constitutional amendments.

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