Chamber of Commerce versus fiscal conservatives

Every candidate wants the endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce and wants to get awards from the Chamber.  The endorsements and awards are supposed to show the candidate has the support of local business men and women.

But is the Chamber of Commerce stamp of approval really a good thing if you are a fiscal conservative?


Local Chambers of Commerce around the state have a record of supporting most local tax increases proposals. In fact, some Chambers contribute financially to tax increase campaigns and Chamber officers are often front and center working to raise taxes.

The Chambers don’t seem to have any problem with passing taxes at special elections when voter participation is very low. Chambers don’t get the message when the voters overwhelmingly say “NO” to another tax.

The Chambers of Commerce work hand in glove with local governments to raise taxes.


It was the Chamber of Commerce who pushed the legislature to include a provision in a constitutional amendment that now allows cities and counties to give local tax money to the chambers.

Is it any wonder why some chambers and local governments are so cozy about raising taxes?


The state Chamber was a big supporter for passing Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Arkansas. Under it, you get to pay for the insurance of able-bodied working age adults with no dependents but who don’t work.


Candidates like the endorsements and awards from the Chamber but be careful – you may be getting another big government, tax and spend politician.

Conduit For Action was created in part because the voices of small businesses and individuals were being left out as the Chamber of Commerce listens to the voices of big business and big government.