Issue 3 would divert local taxes when budgets are already tight

road-sign_crisisCities and counties aren’t self-sufficient and have to rely on state support. Yet ISSUE No. 3 would authorize cities and counties to give away your local tax money to corporations and individuals for economic development purposes (corporate welfare).

Local governments struggle to adequately provide services to their citizens.  Every year they must make hard budget choices… Do we have enough money to adequately fund police and fire protection? To keep water and sewer services working? To fill potholes?

Add corporate welfare to the list?

Where would your city or county find the money for the corporate welfare when they already depend on the state for handouts? For the current fiscal year, the state appropriated $21.4 million to the County Aid Fund and $29.3 million to the Municipal Aid Fund.[i]  In addition, cities and counties depend on receiving state turnback for roads and state grant money.

Proponents of Issue No. 3 talk about the hope of creating jobs.  They don’t talk about risk or impact on budgets.

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Text of Issue 3

[i] Act 242 of 2016 Fiscal Session