Record of Democrat Legislators running against Republican opponents


17 Democrat Legislators have Republicans opponents challenging them for  legislative seats.

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District 19:  Rep. James McLean [D] VS.Linda Collins-Smith [R]

District 20:  Sen. Robert Thompson [D] VS. Blake Johnson [R]


District 4:  Rep. Fonda Hawthorne [D] VS. DeAnn Vaught [R]

District 9:  Rep Sheilla E. Lampkin [D] VS. Sonya Leggett-Ryburn [R]

District 10:  Rep. Mike Holcomb [D] VS. Patricia Mays [R]

District 26:  Rep. David Kizzia [D] VS. Laurie Rushing [R]

District 38:  Rep. Patti Julian [D] VS. Donnie Copeland [R]

District 53:  Rep. Homer Lenderman [D] VS. Dan Sullivan [R]

District 54:  Rep. Wes Wagner [D] VS. Dave Wallace [R]

District 57:  Rep. Mary Broadaway [D] VS. Ronnie Spence [R]

District 58:  Rep. Harold Copenhaver [D] VS. Brandt Smith [R] 

District 60:  Rep. James Ratliff [D] VS. Blaine Davis [R]

District 61:  Rep. Scott Baltz [D] VS. Doug Driesel [R]

District 62:  Rep. Tommy Wren [D] VS. Michelle Gray [R]

District 65:  Rep Tommy Thompson [D] VS. Rick Beck [R]

District 72:  Rep. Steve Magie [D] VS. Shannon Taylor [R]

District 73: Rep. John Catlett [D] VS.  Mary Bentley [R]


3 Comments on Record of Democrat Legislators running against Republican opponents

  1. Joe Maynard // September 24, 2014 at 2:19 am //

    Go David Go.
    Tell it like it is.

  2. Timothy Simmons // September 25, 2014 at 3:04 am //

    Gotta be a record !!!!

  3. I was there when HB1938 failed by 2 votes. It would have kept Weiner High School, Black Rock K-12 and Stephens School District open. All of the democrats listed stood in the back of the room and simply did not vote (except for 2) because they had their orders from Beebe. Now they want Arkansans to reelect them?! 100 school districts have been forced to close and 17 more are up on the chopping block. We have children riding school buses in excess of 4 hours a day. When is enough, enough?! Our children deserve better! #VoteThemOut #RepealAct60

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