CFA Action Alert – SB120 Amendment – New Sales Tax on Digital Products

CFA Action Alert on SB120 Amendment– New Sales tax on digital products

SB120 has now been amended to impose a new sales tax on “digital products” and “digital code” purchases online will be heading to the Senate Revenue and Tax committee and the companion bill, HB1162 will be heading to the House Revenue and Tax committee. We highlighted the specifics of the bill in a post  you can find HERE.  We are posting the members of those committees and their contact information.

CFA encourages constituents to reach out to their legislators to voice their opinion on this bill amendment. Personalized feedback from constituents can be very valuable to legislators. Let them know how this new sales tax on digital products will affect you. If this amendment is not defeated this could be the start of a full-blown internet sales tax here in Arkansas.

House Tax and Revenue Committee:

Joe Jett, (R-H56)                (870) 276-5345

Joe Farrer, (R-H44)           (501) 743-6855

Eddie Armstrong (D-H37)   (501) 444-8468

Scott Baltz (D-H61)               (870) 378-1380  

Kenneth Ferguson (D-H16)  (870) 879-9348

Vivian Flowers (D-H17)        (870) 329-8356  

Michael John Gray (D-H47)  (870) 347-6000 

Monte Hodges (D-H55)         (870) 281-6878

Bob Johnson (D-H42)           (501) 982-1975  

Greg Leding (D-H86)          (479) 966-9201  

Reginald Murdock (D-H48)  (870) 295-3208

Warwick Sabin (D-H33)       (501) 374-0000 

Ken Bragg (R-H15)              (870) 942-5269 

Charlie Collins (R-H84)   (479) 283-9303 

Jim Dotson (R-H93)         (479) 664-0740 

Dan Douglas (R-H91)       (479) 619-9231  

Les Eaves (R-H46)          (501) 827-1344 

Kim Hendren (R-H92)    (479) 787-6500

Les Warren (R-H25)     (870) 777-6540 

Senate Tax and Revenue Committee:

Jake Files (R-S8)    (479) 648-9216 

Larry Teague (D-S10)  (870) 845-5303

Jonathan Dismang (R-S28)   (501) 766-8220 

Jimmy Hickey (R-S11)      (903) 824-8861 

Keith Ingram (D-S24)      (870) 735-9580 

Bruce Maloch (D-S12)     (870) 235-7041 

Jason Rapert (R-S35)      (501) 336-0918

Bill Sample (R-S14)        (501) 624-3445