Arkansas Obamacare – Federal dollars you owe to China

dragon-42163_640On Wednesday (8/19/2015) in Little Rock a 7-Point Plan was proposed for Arkansas to keep Obamacare Medicaid Expansion (currently called “Private Option). The Obamacare program was++ touted as bringing between $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion a year into Arkansas’ economy.

That is especially good news if you are a big insurance company that gets a cut of the Obamacare money.

Before you start counting your federal money, please remember the money from the federal government comes from you the taxpayer.  Well it used to be that way, but due to the size of the debt you now also pass the debt on to future generations. Congratulations we also get to pay interest on the debt.

The national debt is an outrageous $18.3 trillion. The country that holds the biggest portion of the U.S. debt is the Communist nation of China.

Yet, when Arkansas adopts federal programs in order to grab money from the federal government, we don’t care about the U.S. debt.  When California grabs the big federal money they don’t care about the federal debt either.  Same with Michigan, Illinois, New York, etc.