ALERT: HB1492 Referred to House Committee on Insurance and Commerce

bentleyRepresentative Mary Bentley (R) filed HB1492 to stop the scheduled implementation of an Arkansas based Obamacare Exchange. She was joined by thirty-eight Republican Representatives as cosponsors. Six of the cosponsors are members of the House Committee on Insurance and Commerce. An additional 5 committee votes are needed to guarantee a majority. The sponsors of HB1492 need your help.

Here is what the sponsors must overcome. The committee is made up of 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats. Of the remaining 14 members of the committee, 13 voted “For” the Arkansas-based Obamacare Exchange and the other one did not vote on the issue in 2013.

However, a lot has changed in the last two years that could help this bill.

  • In 2013, the House vote was: For 78, Against 0, Not Voting 22. Although there was no opposition in 2013, the filing of HB1492 in 2015 shows legislative support for the Obamacare Exchange has diminished greatly.  Where there were zero House members voting against the Obamacare Exchange in 2013, House Bill 1492 was filed with the support of 39 sponsors
  • 11 House members who had voted for the Obamacare Exchange in 2013 are now cosponsors of HB1492!
  • Don’t count out Democrat committee members as potential votes to repeal the Obamacare Exchange.
    • Democrats should be free to vote their conscience since the pressure of former Democratic Governor Mike Beebe is gone, and
    • Democrats are keenly aware of the growing opposition to Obamacare in the state and in their districts.

If you appreciate Representative Bentley’s effort and the effort of the other 38 cosponsors of HB1492, let your own Representative know your opinion – especially if your Representative is a member of the House Insurance and Commerce Committee.


Representatives Joe Farrer, Bill Gossage, Grant Hodges, Mark Lowery, Robin Lundstrum, and James J. Sorvillo


(Chair) Charlie Collins (R) – Fayetteville
(Vice Chair) Reginald Murdock (D) – Marianna
Bruce Cozart (R) – Hot Springs
(Speaker of the House) Jeremy Gillam (R) – Judsonia
Micah S. Neal (R) – Springdale
John Baine (D) – El Dorado
Scott Baltz (D) – Pocahontas
Deborah Ferguson (D) – West Memphis
Joe Jett (D) – Success
Greg Leding (D) – Fayetteville
Fredrick J. Love (D) – Little Rock
Brent Talley (D) – Hope
John T. Vines (D) – Hot Springs
Marshall Wright (D) – Forrest City


7 Comments on ALERT: HB1492 Referred to House Committee on Insurance and Commerce

  1. Roger Sumpter // March 2, 2015 at 12:08 pm //

    vote against HB1492!!!

  2. Retha Willis // March 2, 2015 at 1:02 pm //

    Stop Stop Stop the Arkansas based Obamacare Exchange.

  3. Ms. Bentley, my only question, and I believe it is legitimate, what will you recommend to replace the Private Option. You CANNOT just vote to defund the Private Option without providing some sort of insurance for the over 200,000 Arkansans who now have insurance coverage.

    What I have found is the publican party is so eager to defund a program that is not only helping the uninsured but the countless number of small hospitals in Arkansas who are now not having to write off in collectable medical bills. I believe it would be wise for all who are supporting your bill contact the hospitals in their districts to see how this bill, if passed, would drastically affect them. Have you even spoken to the directors of both Chambers Memorial Hospital in Danville and the River Valley Medical Center in Dardanelle.

    Please consider pulling your bill from consideration until you and other publicans can come up with an alternative program.

    Also, to be honest, I really don’t expect you to respond to my questions or my position because it does not fall in line with your beliefs. If you b would be so inclined to answer me my email address is or you may call me at 479-747-2225.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kent Tallent

  4. Steve Brummett // March 2, 2015 at 6:04 pm //

    You want to leave millions without health insurance again. You have no plan to replace Affordable Health Care. All you want to do is help big business and let the lower and middle class suffer. I hope the American people wake up soon and see that you are destroying America.

  5. Kevin Clark // March 2, 2015 at 8:49 pm //

    Please vote for hb1492.

  6. todd busbee // March 3, 2015 at 1:59 am //

    no i will not help you try and disrupt obamacare . in fact i will do all i can against you. Something needs to be done about the medical and insurance policies of this country that pushes more for treating diseases than curing them because curing is not as profitable. I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative but I am tired of the corporate interests trying and in many cases buying what they want passed in the legislature, whether it be democrats or republicans. Oh yea im not letting the republicans off the hook either because i know of a particular california legislator that is bought and paid for by the defense corporations in california. That being said what the Koch brothers have done and are doing are nothing less than a attempted coup buying the senate and house of represenatives and i suspect the presidency next.

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